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Angel Marquez
2022-01-31 02:59:51

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With our God Of War guide you will learn more about How to fix out of memory error.

What to know about the fatal memory error in God Of War?


This problem has become an obstacle to play it now on PC, after it stopped being exclusive to the PS5 initially, certainly this is a major impediment for those of us who seek to enjoy this amazing game on the computer, then to know How to fix the out of memory error is ideal that we take into account the content that you will see in this guide below.


How to fix out of memory error in God Of War?


When we seek to start the game we can see that this error can originate for many reasons, among which the first to consider is that our PC does not have the capacity to play God Of War, we must take into account some answers as to How to fix the out of memory error and these are the following:

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Disabling the graphics card may be the right thing to do, this considering that we have a 12th generation Intel CPU in which we seek to play God Of War we have to get out of this problem both in Steam or Epic Games we will disable the graphics card, for this we enter the start icon and choose run, here we will write devmgmt. msc and accept, which will take us to the device manager, we will look for display adapters and click on the arrow, the next thing we will see below this option is the graphics card, what we will do is right click on this to choose the option that disables this device and may be the answer that will help us in terms of how to solve the error of lack of memory.


Starting from the fact that we have a CPU other than the one mentioned, we have to on How to fix out of memory error consider a possible solution that comes from the developers, which is through Steam for it:


  • We will go to the library to locate God Of War and enter its properties with right click on it.
  • We choose the Betas option.
  • We have to make a change in the drop-down menu towards the experimental to download the hot fix.
  • We must restart the client in case we do not see the experimental option and try to enter again with the previous indications.

 It is possible that we want to revert the previous process, in that case we will do the following:


  • We enter the Steam library to enter the properties of the game with the right click on it.
  • We enter the Betas option.
  • The drop-down option we will place it to none.

Keep in mind that we can add opinions talking about the hot fix, which is good for developers to detect problems that may be present with this and will be aware of the solution to the bug present.

In this way we finish our God Of War guide, now you know how to fix out of memory error., just enjoy it to the fullest.

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