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Lidia Rozo
2022-01-25 14:41:23

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God Of War has finally arrived and in this sense, it is necessary to tell you how to activate subtitles.

What does it mean to activate subtitles in God Of War?

Having the opportunity to be able to read the dialogues that usually occur in this game, and knowing how to activate the subtitles allows us to function better, this considering that it is a game that is undoubtedly a great work that has managed to captivate a good number of users around the world, has managed to grab a considerable sum of prizes.

How to activate subtitles in God Of War?

This is an action that can be developed by executing some settings, this applies to both PS4 and PS5, as well as PC, and it implies:
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  • Go to the main menu in order to open "Settings" and on the next page that opens we select "Language".
  • Next we proceed to activate the subtitles where it is possible to change the “Text Language”.
  • We return once again to the previous page to select “Accessibility”, right here we activate “Subtitle Background”, adjusting to “light, dark or none” background.
  • It is possible to activate “Subtitle Speaker”, this can be done in the same menu, which will show the name of the speaker when the subtitles are activated.
  • To finish we can "Increase the text size" and that's it.

Even when we have executed all these modifications it is good to consider:

  • The size of the text within the entire game will only increase slightly.
  • There are some small bugs such as the case of a particular and powerful enemy with which we only have sound, but there are no subtitles for him.

We conclude this guide on How to turn on subtitles, so that you can apply these given settings and thus have the possibility to read while playing God Of War to understand him better.

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