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2022-03-22 14:56:22

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This time we return with a Ghostwire Tokyo guide with the aim of explaining how to get more Magatama.

What to know about Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo?

It is a curve that looks like a comma, which is green, going through the skills there are many that are blocked, noted by a yin and yang symbol, it means that to unlock it you must first do it with Magatama, now to know how to get more Magatama let's closely follow the content of this guide below.

How to get more Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo?

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We will depend on the many secondary activities so that our supply is maintained, because we can add them as rewards almost always, through the Yokai we can obtain them throughout the world, considering that Oni and Kodama become necessarily protected by us, which when compared With Kappa and Ittan-Momen the situation is very complex, but a Magatama is that we manage to obtain for each success achieved, being part of the missions that require the collection of the Nekomata, another option that can contribute to it with the Magatama.

  In this way we finish our Ghostwire Tokyo guide, now you know how to get more Magatama, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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March 25, 2022
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