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In this guide we are going to mention everything that you all who wonder how to fix screen tear on PS4 in Ghostrunner should know.

  What is screen tearing on PS4 at Ghostrunner?

This is a stutter and rip bug that PlayStation 4 users have started to grapple with, leading to low FPS drop and other issues. In this sense, it is important that you know how to repair the screen tear on PS4.

How to fix screen tear on PS4 in Ghostrunner?

The first thing we recommend you do to correct this error is to make sure that your game is updated to the latest version available.

To do this you will have to go to the PS4 home screen> go to the game and select "Options"> "Check for updates".
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Make sure the console storage is not full or there is enough space. At least 22 GB which is what is recommended initially, but it should have at least 30 GB in total.

Disable supersampling if you are a PS4 Pro user by going to Settings> Video Output Settings> Supersampling Mode> disable supersampling.

Rebuild the database to avoid problems related to the device file structure

Activate Boost mode on your console to improve performance.

  So ends our guide on how to repair the screen tear on PS4 in Ghostrunner, we hope it has been useful and allowed you to correct the problem quickly.

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