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We welcome you to our Genshin Impact guide where we will talk about a souvenir gift for Lisa.

What to know about the souvenir gift for Lisa in Genshin Impact?

Once we are in the library looking for some books, the question about Lisa and her gift will come to us, taking into account that we will not find her in the library, here she will give us a book, but this has a delay for not returning , so it is necessary that we help her to locate the person who rented it to return it, which will take us to the store as a meeting place and this is when we must give a gift, considering many existing options, we will find the options current and we will be able to add others while in the end we consult with Marjories accessing the last option, now more details come next, let's follow him closely.

What souvenir gift for Lisa can we give her in Genshin Impact?

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    • The Bloomers: we consulted this option and it will end up being a resounding no
    • Parchment: it is a suitable option since you consider it as an art and you would be glad if this was your gift
    • The Voodoo doll: this option is still unknown
    • The rusty sword: this option is still unknown

    To access more options, we have to make it possible when we go to eat, for this we have to make a mark of the first 2 options but without choosing them as such, then we will talk with the cook about what Lisa would like, considering The vegetarian food resulted, which will lead us to other options.

    • Steak: Unknown option
    • Smoked chicken: unknown option
    • Vegetable soup with radish: this option is the most logical, the result expresses that it is a good choice as a souvenir gift for Lisa
    • Salad: it is somewhat inappropriate even though the ingredients are fresh

    The next thing is to look for the final option once we have gone through dinner, we will have to choose the flower, but 2 options will be presented that we will mark without being conclusive so we will talk with Donna to arrive at another option and she will send us to speak with Flora is necessary that we bear in mind that it will not be if it is at night in Genshin Impact.

    • Dandelion: not available
    • Haze: not available
    • Pink: not available

    Cecilia: this option is of great interest to Lisa, she likes it and the detail is that we did not choose it.

    With our elemental vision we will arrive at the entrance of the town, which allows us to complete this quest, the rewards turn out to be the same but considering that the conversational choices are not so influential.

    This is all that is known for now about the keepsake gift for Lisa, more details may come out which will be added in due course in this Genshin Impact guide.

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