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But How to unlock Fane of Panjvahe in Genshin Impact? In this article, we will discuss what the Fane of Panjvahe is, how to unlock it, and what the goal of unlocking it is.

The Fane of Panjvahe is one of the most sought-after locations in Genshin Impact. Located deep in the Desert of Hadramaveth, it is filled with mysterious secrets and hidden treasures that have yet to be revealed. To unlock the Fane of Panjvahe, players will have to traverse the treacherous desert terrain and take on the mighty Ruin Drake that stands guard at the entrance.

What is the Fane of Panjvahe and what is its purpose?

The Fane of Panjvahe is an ancient temple located in the Desert of Hadramaveth. It is believed to be the home of the gods and holds a great power. Legends say that it will grant any wish if it is unlocked. It is said to be a daunting and difficult task, full of puzzles and traps, but the reward for unlocking it is worth the effort.

What is the goal of unlocking it?

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The goal of unlocking the Fane of Panjvahe is to gain access to its power. This power can be used to grant wishes or to unlock powerful items and places. It is said that unlocking the Fane of Panjvahe will lead to great power and fortune. 

Step-by-Step Guide

To begin your journey, quickly travel to the Teleport Waypoint at the eastern side of The Sands of Three Canals in the Desert of Hadramaveth. Instead of taking the southeast main path, head northeast and go down the path on the left. You will know you are going the correct way when you see a Seelie circling around an inactive Ruin Drake: Skywatch.

Once you reach your destination, you will have to defeat the Ruin Drake before you can proceed. Be sure to use elemental combos and powerful attacks to take down the powerful enemy. After the Ruin Drake has been defeated, the Seelie will finally leave its spot, allowing you to progress.

The next step is to locate the second Seelie near the Domain entrance. When you spot it, you will also find a small runic puzzle. To solve it, hit the bigger rocks to make their symbols match the ones on the smaller rocks behind. This will grant you access to the Fane of Panjvahe.

As you enter the Fane, you will be met with many puzzles and enemies that will test your skills. You will also have to find and defeat powerful bosses that guard the secrets of the Fane. Once you have done this, you will finally be able to unlock the secrets of the Fane of Panjvahe.

Unlocking the Fane of Panjvahe is a difficult but rewarding task. If you manage to unlock it, you will gain access to its great power and fortune. We hope that this guide was helpful in teaching you how to unlock it. Good luck on your journey!

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