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How to Fix Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist? This article will show you how to fix the Genshin Impact UID does not exist error by deleting the game and reinstalling it.

What is the Genshin Impact "UID does not exist" Error?

The UID does not exist error message is a common issue with Genshin Impact. It usually occurs when you try to access multiplayer with a friend and the game is not reading the User ID correctly. This error can be a bit confusing because it's not immediately clear what the User ID is or how to fix it.

What is the UID in Genshin Impact?

Every user in Genshin Impact has a unique User ID (UID). This ID is assigned to each account and it is used to connect players in multiplayer. If you enter the wrong UID, the game will not recognize your friend's account and you will get the error message "UID does not exist".

  • Causes of the Error

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There are two main causes of this error. The first is if you enter the wrong UID number. Make sure you are entering the correct User ID for your friend. The second cause is if your friend has not unlocked multiplayer. In order to play Genshin Impact multiplayer, both you and your friend must reach Adventure Rank 16.

  • How to Unlock Multiplayer in Genshin Impact

The only way to unlock multiplayer in Genshin Impact is to reach Adventure Rank 16. To do this, you'll have to play the game solo for several hours. As you progress through the game, you will gain Adventure Rank and eventually unlock multiplayer.

The Genshin Impact "UID does not exist" error can be a bit confusing, but it's usually caused by either entering the wrong User ID or not unlocking multiplayer in the game. To fix this issue, make sure you enter the correct User ID for your friend and both of you should reach Adventure Rank 16 to unlock multiplayer. With a bit of patience, you and your friend will be able to enjoy Genshin Impact together.

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