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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-27 17:25:11

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Our Genshin Impact tour allows us to do many things and one of them is knowing how to solve Tianqiu Valley puzzle

What is Tianqiu Valley puzzle in Genshin Impact?

This is simply one of the many activities with which we get in this game and that is clearly related to some specific tests, although it is true this game has some interesting challenges this makes us pay a certain interest.
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How to solve Tianqiu Valley puzzle in Genshin Impact?

Our first task is to start a search, which allows us to move through Tianqiu Valley, and proceed to locate ourselves in the center of the tower to choose to look for an ancient tablet, so that our journey begins when we go to the southwest part of Teyvat where we observe a total of 3 towers, only that each one has a puzzle for us, which leads us to have to decipher it to get the Actuator of Light that will be necessary to take to the center of the ruins.

Central tower: Our first stop is the central tower and this makes us have to go over the top to choose to collect the Light Actuator within 60 seconds.

Right Tower: Once this is done, our task is to go to the right tower where there are some torches, in such a way that it is a task that leads us to shoot them in a certain order and this is done in this way:


  •  Shoot the highest and most remote torch and then choose to shoot the lowest torch.
  • Then he will fire the torch that is located on the right side of the chest to then shoot the next torch that is located above.
  • Then shoot the 8 torches on the wall counting on the possibility of shooting at least two of them directly.


 Tower of the Left: To finish it is necessary to locate the tower on the left and this leads us to perform 3 challenges, only these have a certain time to run.

  •  Our first task leads us to have to kill at least 4 enemies in a span of 40 seconds, which includes a crossbow Hilichurl and 3 rock shield hilichurl.
  • We advance to the next challenge that leads us to have to eliminate 5 enemies in a period of just 50 seconds, which includes killing a Crossbow Elector hilichurl, a Stone throwing hilichurl, a normal red hilichurl and two Pyro Slimes hilichurls.
  • To finish it is necessary to kill 6 enemies in an estimated time of 60 seconds, which includes a Hydraulic Abyss Wizard, two large Cryo Slimes and 3 Cryo-Crossbow hilichurls


Now that you know how to solve Tianqiu Valley puzzle, you need to try it, as it is ideal to have skills because we are facing several formidable enemies in Genshin Impact.

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