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For this guide we prepared everything you need to know about how to get slime condensate in Genshin Impact, and we have it covered for you.

What is slime condensate in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the most common materials in the game and which you can use for crafting, weapon upgrades, character promotion, and more.

How to get slime condensate in Genshin Impact?

You will be able to find this material when you finish off the Slimes, and the Slimes can be found almost anywhere in both Liyue and Mondstadyt and despite their weakness they can complicate things if it is a large group.
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The slimes can incorporate Anemo, Geo, Cryo, Electro and Pyro elements, so you will have to make sure you have a good strategy, since they are immune to various attacks.

The good thing is that the material falls from any type of Slime enemy.

This material will also allow you to create slime secretions and slime concentrate. Keep in mind that Slime secretions come from Slimes of level 40 or higher, while Slime Concentrate comes from Slimes of level 60 or higher.

Now that you know how to get slime condensate in Genshin Impact, we hope you can get hold of this stuff and get a lot out of it.

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