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Today we bring you a Genshin Impact guide, aiming to guide you on how to find all types wood.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

  With the arrival of update 1.5, a lot of interesting content has been added to the game, among the most notable is the option of creating furniture based on the new resources present, certainly most of them depend on wood, so you should consider the different types that exist, then it is appropriate to know how to find all types of wood and that is the importance of this guide to find the answers, let's see what it offers us next.

How to find all types wood in Genshin Impact?

As for how to find all the types of wood in Genshin Impact we will see specific details for each of these and they are the following:
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  • Fir wood: the specific places for this type of wood are the Cuijue slope, the Dadaupa gorge, the cape of the oath, the Galesong hill and the Starfell valley, this type of wood comes from some trees mostly known as Faber fir, which are of great abundance in the forests of Mondstsadt and in the mentioned places we can find them.
  • Sand wood: it is a wood that comes from sandbox trees, which resists wind and rain, capable of having a long useful life, we will be able to find them in places such as the Guili plains, Liyue pool, Cuijue hillside, the ruins of Dunyu, Minlin and Lisha.
  • Cuihua wood: from the trees of the same name we will be able to obtain it, this in the forests of Mondtsads in specific places such as Springvale, Wolvendom, the Starfell valley and the Bishui plain, it is easy to find them.
  • The fragrant cedar wood: this comes from the cedar trees, it is also found in the forests of Mondstadt, specifically in Wolvendom and the Starfell valley, many of them are near the teleportation point.
  • Pine wood: through the pines we obtain it, it is highly resistant and is one of the types of wood with greater access, which we find in Dragonspine, we must look for trees that are covered with snow.
  • The bamboo segments: they turn out to be very light but strong, we can access this through the bamboo trees, the best location for this being the Qingce town, in the west of Mondstadt by the surroundings.

Birch wood: bitch trees allow us to access this wood, which we recognize by its white bark, in the highland regions is where they abound, we can highlight places such as the Windwail highlands, Dawn winery, Springvale and Wolvendom, near the statue of the seven there are some.


Finally, now that we know how to find all types of wood we can access this incredible resource needed at Genshin Impact.

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