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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-27 16:53:20

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Genshin Impact allows us to enter into an interesting adventure and with it explain to you how to complete astrology and the 50-year pact

 As the days go by and we get into this adventure, more interesting events arise and this allows us to give you some necessary details about how to complete the astrology and the 50-year pact, which leads us to embark on a search for a box that Mona's Master has entrusted us to achieve.

What should we know about the quest for Astrology and the 50-Year Pact in Genshin Impact?


  •  This is a new chapter for travelers.
  • It is necessary to consider that these questions can only take us about 20 to 40 minutes.
  • The search can begin in Liyue by locating the Sea of ​​Clouds as a reference point.
  • Have an adventure rank 38.
  • Learn about Mina's story to solve this mystery in Genshin Impact.
  • She knows how to complete Astrology and the 50-Year Pact gives us a chance to get some rewards.

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How to complete the Astrology and the 50-Year Pact in Genshin Impact?

This is a search that embarks us to look for Mr. Zhu, which leads us to have to teleport to the statue of the Seven that is located in the Sea of ​​Clouds, and from there move a little north to find Mr. ., Only this is a complex task because we will have to get and give some bait to the Slimes that are nearby, to kill them this is because one of them has eaten him, this search to find Mr. Zhu in our The journey to know how to complete astrology and the 50-year pact has led us here to encompass at least 20,000 Mora, in such a way that he entrusted us with a task that includes using elemental bait and collecting the slimes, in fact the last of them leaves drop the Nephrite ring that we give back to Mr. Zhu, for the Mora, even though Mona has Mora but refuses to use it.

Our task of knowing how to complete the astrology and the 50-year pact leads us to mobilize ourselves to follow Mona and this leads us to the Wangshu inn, only that since she has no money she will choose to use the reward in the purchase of food, but This is necessary to avoid it and even if our money will only be enough for us and Paimon we look for a solution for her and that is that we proceed to make the decision to cook for her in the inn's kitchen, for which it is necessary to talk with the innkeeper Huaiʻan who will kindly give us a recipe, so that we can prepare a Golden Crab for Mona in Genshin Impact.

Now that you have eaten and rested a little, it is time to continue the journey as it is our task to know how to complete the Astrology and the 50-Year Pact, in such a way that we embark towards the north, in such a way that we manage to reach a point where there were some number of bandits, which allows us to take the opportunity to put Mona to the test to observe what her combat skills are in Genshin Impact, choose to defeat them and from there go to the Monsdtadt bridge, to continue our journey.

Once we get to the bridge is where Mona will finally show us her astrology, which allows us to have a series of relationships such as:


  •  Mona senses that her successor is a woman young enough and is a knight of Favonious.
  • Klee is often mistaken for Mona's presence.
  • Klee's mother Alice seems to have had some history with Mona's teacher.
  • Klee has in her possession the box that Mona is looking for only that she has emptied it in order to keep her treasures inside it.
  • We should consider following Klee to be able to unearth the treasures and with it that the box is returned to Mona only that this on the one hand leads us to have to take down some Dendro Slimes and on the other hand it will make us feel a little disappointed in relation to what it's inside, at least it wasn't all that Mona hoped to get inside.


We continue our travel adventure in Genshin Impact on the way to Mondstadt, as it is necessary to speak with Katherine in the Adventurer's Guild as she offers us some information directly related to the sealed house of this region, which in truth is simply a magical laboratory , in such a way that Katherine considers that Mona could fight to break the seal and stay in this place especially since this is a homeless being.

Our task of knowing how to complete the astrology and the 50-year pact makes us have to consider the possibility of breaking this seal in any way to choose to stay in the place, in such a way that Mona will be forced on the one hand to mobilize towards the southwest of the city and locate a building and on the other hand make use of astrology in Genshin Impact, with this not only does it offer us the possibility that Mona can stay in that place but it is also possible to access two rewards Interesting, as are Adventurer XP and Cousins.

 Now that you know how to complete astrology and the 50-year pact, it is time for you to take this long but interesting journey in Genshin Impact, because you can discover a new way to rent a place to settle.

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