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Angel Marquez
2021-09-06 16:22:47

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With our help, you will see that knowing how to catch the golden Koi is easier than you thought in Genshin Impact.

What to know about the golden Koi in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the many fish that we have available in the game since the arrival of update 2.1, this is one of the requirements that we must achieve to access a new weapon, so it is important to know how to catch the golden Koi, and it is what that will be explained in the following content, let's see it.

How to catch the golden Koi in Genshin Impact?

There are many places to highlight on how to catch the Golden Koi in Genshin Impact, so it is advisable to have the following details:

  • In the Stormbearer mountains: this is in Mondstadt, we can easily access for fishing, just northeast of the teleport waypoint we have to go.

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  • West of Wangshu Inn: This location is in Liyue, this is the place where the highest amount of Golden Koi occurs in Genshin Impact, so we have to go northwest of the fishing spot from the Inn or using the waypoint of teleportation.
  • To the west of Mingyun village: it is another location in Liyue, which turns out to be near the broken bridge that allows the connection between the Guili plains and the town of Mingyun, we certainly stand out nearby Hilichurls, which leads us to defeat them. Before fishing in peace.
  • The Luhua Pool: it is located in Liyue and it is the last location point in the region in terms of how to catch the golden Koi, it is necessary by means of teleportation to reach Luhua Pool, it is appropriate to avoid climbing using the current of seeing by pressing the pressure plate in front of domain.
  • Seirai Island: it is located in the Inazuma region, we have to use the statue of the seven on this island to get there quickly, this being the last option to find the golden Koi.

It should be noted that the proper bait to use is the false fly, then we must manufacture it, it is ideal that we buy the plan if we do not have it from Nantuck, certainly this mechanic was added with the recent update, which requires a minimum range of 28 to use said function.

It is clear that knowing how to catch the Golden Koi allows us to have more fun and progress in Genshin Impact.

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