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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-12 17:02:41

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Today we want to tell you how to clean the statue of the seven in Lake Starfell, as it is a necessary task to be done in Genshin Impact

What do the statues of the seven represent in Genshin Impact?

  Knowing how to clean the statue of the seven in Lake Starfell is a necessary task that we must carry out in this game and that simply represents the seven gods of their world, our task is to inspect and clean what will undoubtedly keep us a little busy for some time, it is in general terms a puzzle to solve something complex but that allows us to give ourselves the possibility to walk through the open world.
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How to clean the statue of the seven at Lake Starfell in Genshin Impact?

 This is an interesting job that allows us to work with seven characters, only these must be in rank S as a fundamental requirement and these are the following:

  •  Xingqiu who handles the Hydro element.
  • Xiao who wields the Anemo item.
  • Sucrose that handles the Anemo element.
  • Venti who wields the Anemo element.
  • Mona who handles the Hydro element.
  • Jean who handles the Anemo element.
  • Barbara who handles the Hydro element.


 Now, it is necessary to understand that it is possible to choose to change a character, since this is simply an action that allows us to reorganize, we can choose a character from Hydro or Anemo, since using the explosion ability here may be necessary, since I could be directed to the statues directly when they are dirty, choose to jump and glide, so that there will be a combination in the wind and the water which perfectly allows us to use any twin for this cleaning job, so that we change characters just by using the D-pad of our PS4 or simply the keys 1-4 of our PC. Verifying and understanding that the statue is clean is a simple task, and this can be detailed in a not very complex way, as enemy Pyro will spawn relatively close.

 These are the rewards that we can get by cleaning the statues:


  •  Blessings for leveling the adventure ranks.
  • Restore the parts to full health.
  • Change elemental talents.
  • Statues can become landmarks.


In this sense, knowing how to clean the statue of the seven in Lake Starfell is a task that not only allows us to leave them impeccable but also allows us to opt for favorable rewards in Genshin Impact.

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