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With this article we will show you where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact, so pay attention.

What is the secret room key in Genshin Impact?

It is an item that you can find in a world mission called "Lotus Eater", in the locked cell, here you will find a common chest behind Adonis and inside it will be the key. Although the key doesn't have much to do with this mission, you will need to know where to use the secret room key if you want to get some extra chests.

Where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact? - Part I

With this key you will be able to access the secret chamber in The Narrows, west of the first teleport point in the region, under some cliffs in an isolated area. When you enter the chamber you will have to go ahead to find a dead end, with a corner full of explosive barrels that you will have to blow up. This will open up a hole for you to move forward, to an area with night cycle change mechanisms, as well as a puzzle that you will need to complete in order to move on.

Where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact? - Part II

In case you have entered the chamber in Midnight, one of the devices will be inaccessible. In this regard you will need to climb the stone railings to access the device on the right > you will need to set the cycle to Whitenight, so that the barriers on the left device will open > access this device to change the cycle back to Evernight, so that you can access the cube mechanism. This will open a door that is related to the other steps to complete this puzzle.

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    Where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact? - Part III

    Use the device on the left side to change the cycle to Whitenight again and exit the barrier to the device on the right > change to Evernight to access the sealed area behind the door.

    Inside the area you will find a shrine of coral branches that will allow you to obtain an Evernight essence with which you can access the cycle mechanisms even in the opposite cycle. Just press this to get the essence > now switch the night cycle to Whitenight again, so that you hit the triangular mechanism. You will have to attack the triangular mechanism that has the midnight essence, which will activate this mechanism to open the door that is closed behind it, this will complete the puzzle and allow you to get the final chest in the hallway.

    Remember that at the beginning of the corridor, next to the corner with a lantern you will see a wall printed with sigils, you must interact with this wall to access the next pattern.

    Where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact? - Final Part

    Already on the wall pattern, you will have to memorize it or take a picture of it, as you will have to use it to access the sanctuary in Serpent's Heart in Evernight. You will have to access through the doors in ascending order according to the stealth indents than from the hideout, until you find three ruin guards that you will have to eliminate to get your hands on a chest as the final prize of the puzzle.

    If you return to complete the world mission Lotus Eater you will receive a Dragonbone Orb, and or that is hidden in the crevices of Enkanomiya that you have not yet checked.

    That's all you need to know about where to use the secret room key in Genshin Impact, so now that you know the process you need to follow to be able to use it, complete it quickly so you get the associated rewards.

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