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Genshin Impact is a really interesting adventure and this allows us to tell you where to find little Liu

Who is little Lui in Genshin Impact?


  This is Jiayi's daughter and it is truly a task that can get a bit complicated, so we have planned to bring you this guide about where to find little Liu and this is a task that leads us to start the search in Liyue , because it is just one of the many missions with which we get in this wide and vast world of Genshin Impact.
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Where to find little Liu in Genshin Impact?


 This is a task that requires us to locate some particular reference points, in which this approach to gather information from Paimon that he has managed to collect some berry holiness, this can simply be seen as a yellow circle in Liyue which simply makes us stay around these parts without having to mobilize much, but somehow it is vital to be aware since this area can be confusing and this is because there are other similar mission places with a relative similarity.


 As we know that you have picked some berries near some Hilichurls, it is time to take a look in such a way that we can see Paimon's footprints and this leads us to the stairs which allows us to have the possibility that Paimon can indicate that the The small girl is being attacked by Hilichurls, which it will be necessary to defeat, and with this finally locate Liu who is hiding in a bush but to be able to see her it is necessary to have our search marker, which allows us to have the possibility of talking with her in this way to be able to pull her officially since our task does not end here, since it will be necessary to continue the search for Will of Stone, in such a way that the investigation process is completely carried out and finally in this way the small, taking steps to get the following rewards:


  •  30,000 arrears.
  • 7 Hero Engineer.
  • 5 Quingce sauteed.
  • 100 Adventure Experience.

 Now that you know all about where to find little Liu, it's time for you to embark on this quest at Genshin Impact.

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