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2020-10-19 08:47:59

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Knowing where to get Fowl is one of the many interesting tasks that we can perform in Genshin Impact.

What are the Fowl in Genshin Impact?

  These are simply part of the necessary resources that we have in this game and we are allowed to have the possibility of being able to raise them, since they usually have a certain degree of importance very similar to the other items that we can find around these sides, such as meat. raw waves apples to name a few, Fowl are simply a fundamental part of our diet in such a way that getting them is simply vital.
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Where to get Fowls in Genshin Impact?

Our task is to kill wild Fowls, during some complete expeditions, which allows us to carry out hunting work quite close to where there is a body of water, since the most suitable places are the beaches, when heading to these areas it is necessary to take with us the bow, since with this weapon it is possible to kill them, some fall into the water which leads us to consider changing the character to be able to take them.

 It is possible to prepare any number of recipes with the Fowls and these are the following:

  •  Poultry Picho: requires 1 poultry, 1 mushroom.
  • Smoked poultry: requires 3 poultry 1 salt.
  • Squirrel fish: requires 4 poultry, 2 tomatoes, 2 flours, 1 sugar.
  • Sweet lady: requires 2 poultry, 2 sweet flower.
  • Jueyun Chili Chicken: This requires 2 Poultry, 1 Jueyun Chili, 1 Pepper.

 Now that you know where to get Fowls, it's time to go for them to make these interesting recipes in Genshin Impact.

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