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As we progress in Genshin Impact there are more interesting activities to do, let's see where to find Cuihua wood.

What is the purpose of finding Cuihua wood in Genshin Impact?

Without a doubt, this is a valuable resource with which we get in this game, since it is obtained from the fruit trees that are available in this game, it is also not a very complex matter to carry out this search, as it is a necessary resource for the process of construction.

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    Where to find Cuihua wood in Genshin Impact?

    It is important to leave heat because getting this wood is not really very complicated, it is enough to move to the Dadaupa Gorge region or simply to the Stormbearer Mountains, the latter location being the most relevant, because it has more, once we get the wood arises necessary to harvest it and for this it will only be enough to hit the tree with our weapon to make some pieces fall, it is necessary to continue hitting because the trees do not usually fall, much less break.

    This wood can be used in order to create furniture for our house in the Serenitea Pot, as it is necessary apart from wood to have dyes and fabric, other resources necessary to make a complete process for our house.

     This is all we can contribute about where to find Cuihua wood, because it is only necessary to carry out an interesting search in Genshin Impact and that's it.

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