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You want to know where to find the Cecilia flower well you have come to the right place to tell you in Genshin Impact.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

In order to make improvements to the weapons, refine them and promote them, it is necessary to have the necessary materials and ingredients, where according to the characters these become different, this once said character reaches a point of Ascension, among which it is required to know where to find the Cecilia flower, then to have the precise details we have to visualize the content below, let's do it.
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Where to find the Cecilia flower in Genshin Impact?

We have that it is a native ability of the Mondstadt region in Genshin Impact, although the Cecilia flower is not so common it is possible to find it more easily compared to others such as Violetgrass and the Qingxin flower, naturally we find it then all over Mondstadt, east of Starsnatch Cliff, which allows to reach a field of Cecilia where they are in enormous quantities through this cliff, for the rest the flower is in the natural areas of Mondstadt, outside this place can certainly be found , but with many limitations, now these can also be bought in the same Mondstadt, this to the right of the main entrance where there is a stand behind, when we have the supply purchased it is possible to choose other sources that will help us as to where find Cecilia's flower.

By talking to an NPC that is at the top of the Starsnatch cliff we will get extra flowers from Cecilia, at the main entrance of the Mondstadt cathedral there is also a nun who will also give us some just by talking, these flowers have a special purpose to ascend to Venti, Albedo and to be able to make the anemoculus resonance stones, it is important that if we are looking to obtain the 5 star Albedo we must have a significant amount of these Cecilia flowers, also having how vital it can be for the anemoculum stones, which is necessary when progressing towards the end of the game.

 It is evident that knowing where to find the Cecilia flower allows us to have more fun in Genshin Impact.

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