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Searches are still latent in Genshin Impact update 1.6 and therefore we tell you where to find all the murals.

How many murals do we find in Genshin Impact?

As we progress we get some number of interesting activities and precisely knowing where to find all the murals, is part of those tasks, the amount that we must locate from 5 murals, and these are usually linked to secondary missions, they are part of a puzzle that we usually solve in the Islands of the Archipelago of the Golden Apple, and they are simply drawings made on the walls that tend to represent history.

Where to find all the murals in Genshin Impact?

 This is simply a quest that embarks us to work on an introductory mission of Act 2 called "Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution", it is necessary to complete this mission because the murals that we must look for are usually linked to it.

 Here are the locations of the respective murals in Genshin Impact:

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    • Mural 1: to look for it, it is necessary to go to the route point located on Isla Rota and from there proceed to jump to the beach where we are offered the opportunity to visualize the wall, it is made of cement where we can see a drawing of Dodo King  in Genshin Impact at this point we must have the“ Harpastum blessed by the wind ”, activate it in the small square and break it, stop in this way to be able to find the mural that is usually inside the cave, we must approach with the object of interact with this mural and proceed to take a photo of it.
    • Mural 2: we continue the search to know where to find all the murals and this leads us to have to travel to the route point of the Twinning Island, we must take care of going down to the point of reaching the island that is located to the south, we must look at the center of the island because it is here where the mural usually is, it will only be enough to get closer, and we will also find a group of Hilichirls as well as an exquisite chest.
    • Mural 3: this usually has a bit more complexity and for this it is necessary to locate ourselves at the route point located in the "Isla de Gemelos", this in order to jump to the south of the cliff where we can observe a small opening in the side of the mountain, we must plan through said opening to reach the rock wall, we proceed to break it in order to reach the secret room and upon entering we will see the conch, in addition to a document that is housed on the desk and usually activates the sidequest "A trip through the fog and the wind", which leads us in the search for the mural and for this it is necessary to adjust the time between 10:00 and 14:00, once we manage to arrive At the waypoint we can see some cracks in the water, we just have to follow them in order to get closer to the secret island where there are three chests and of course the mural.
    • Mural 4: to find it it is necessary to undertake a trip to the island located to the west of the Twinning Island waypoint, we must plan the island or simply make use of our waverider and in this way get to the island and find the mural.
    • Mural 5: this is the last one to find and for this we must locate the route point in order to reach Minacious Island and interact with the mural that is on the east side.


     Now, once we have the murals unlocked, we must go to the General Headquarters of the Knights of Favorability in Mondstadt, go into the library to speak with Sayid to complete the secondary mission and thus achieve:


    •  40 primogems.
    • 3 hero wits.


    Now that you know where to find all the murals it is time to carry out this search and thus continue the tour through Genshin Impact.

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