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Genshin Impact has more activities for us and this makes it convenient to tell you all about Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

What is the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Genshin Impact?

This is nothing more than a puzzle we came across in update 2.0 of Genshin Impact, and it usually takes place in the Inazuma region, specifically outside of Konda village, which makes us get involved in a mission that can be a bit long but that in the end gives excellent results, we must also consider that in order to complete this task it is usually necessary to have an electro character, this allows us to hit the statue in order to receive a Ward, this usually occurs after having us encountered a mysterious figure that is usually near the large statue of Kitsune.

How to Complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Genshin Impact?

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    This search leads us to go to the Konda village where it is necessary to look for a young woman who is dressed in blue, it is vital to approach her in order to talk, this usually happens near a stream, after that the girl will tell us that we must talk with his grandfather and that he is usually close, this makes it necessary to take care of talking to him, but it is a complicated enough matter, this because it is usually quite closed, this makes the information that he can provide us is little , in such a way that knowing Sakura's sacred cleaning Ritual makes us have to go to the point that is marked below, there we must talk to a small child who is usually located on top of the house, as we must get up it will also be necessary to take the Oculus and while this usually occurs in Genshin Impact the boy will tell us about the broken car as well as a strange ghost.

    Then it is necessary to go to the area below on the map where we must face the Hilichurls and then proceed to interact with the car, then we return to the town where we will see an old woman named Saimon Eri in Genshin Impact and we will also have to talk to her, in the same way, it usually has information related to Sakura's sacred cleansing ritual, we will see that once we talk, the map usually presents some changes and this leads us to visualize two yellow circles, these are small, but we should not be left alone with that , which means doing a little more research to get other clues in this Genshin Impact puzzle, this leads us to know that:


    •  The first cube is usually located near the house of the first village elder behind the well.
    • The second cube is usually found in the river where there is a pile of rubble and we will see that there are some boxes with a red canvas.


     As we have managed to do the investigations, it is usually necessary to return with the boss in Genshin Impact and proceed to deliver the respective Purse, and then give him the cargo bag that we managed to remove from the water of the river where the second cube was, to complete this task it is usually necessary give him the list of goods and this allows us to arrive with the truth about a shameful secret, we will see that the final boss will begin to help us with the objective for which we are in the town, for which it is necessary to go up to the roof of the boss with In order to read the notes, there we are given details related to the bird's nest, thus allowing us to reveal a new location to investigate related to Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

    Next we will see that there are a number of enemies that we must eliminate in Genshin Impact, which leads us to dig under the wooden planks in order to find a key, this is usually a necessary artifact that allows us to open the well that usually be located behind the boss's house, and then proceed to jump inside it, and thereby make our way through the tunnels that are part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, then we must take the buff from the Sakura branch of Thunder which allows us to go through the Electro wall at the end where we will see the lamp with which it is possible to interact and thus activate the puzzle, in order to make a specific construction pattern match.

    We must bear in mind that solving the puzzle of Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual makes it necessary to work in a respective order, this in order to fight against the creature that we will see in the central construction and that this can allow us to conclude the mission, only that we will see the mysterious lady a little further down and this makes it necessary to visit the sanctuary that is abandoned to the northeast of Konda, and follow the trail of the ghosts, in order to collect the Oculus, then we must go to another statue of Kitsune where we get 3 Shikigami and we must take them to a specific place, it will only be enough to interact with them, only this interaction should not be done when arriving because we could restart them.

    Next we will see a book in the middle of the statues and this means that we must go to the Grand Shrine of Narukami in Genshin Impact, we only have to have resistance and when we reach the top talk with an NPC to get the Memento Lens, once this is done has given, we return to the sanctuary, proceed to equip the gadget slot and take a look at the Kitsune earth statues, these are smaller, but in the same way they are part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, it is necessary to examine them and get three lines of dialogue, it will only be enough to recite them to the statue to find another room, we only have to have with us the Rusty Key that we must have looked for in Konda.

    Now, finding the barrier at this point in Genshin Impact makes us in charge of going to a small pond that is located east of Konda, we will see a metal grid on the cliff face and that is where we use the key to open it, by destroying the barrier that is part of the mission on Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, we will see that there are a number of five baseboards, one of these is usually made of wood, another is under the barrier and three around it.


    •  We will see a first lantern that is at number one and must be purified.
    • We will see a second lantern at number two under the structure.
    • We will see a third lantern at number three and it is usually around the outside.


     We must be able to activate them all simultaneously and this opens the doors for us in Genshin Impact to get another powerful enemy.

     Now that you know Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, it is time to launch yourself in this quest and in this way conclude another interesting task in Genshin Impact.

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