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Today we bring you a Wanmin User Feeding Guide and this can only be done in Genshin Impact, let's see.

What does the Wanmin User Power Guide mean in Genshin Impact?

Little by little we get to understand how interesting and fascinating this game can be, because here we get an adventure that has been updated over the months and this allows us to take care of some simple activities such as cooking some meals or choosing to hand out food for the people celebrating the festival, as this allows some contribution to Chef Mao at the Liyue port restaurant.

What is the Wanmin Users Power Guide on Genshin Impact?

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    Our work leads us to consider the possibility of acting quickly, for which it is vital to use the golden trail located on the ground and sprint as much as possible, this usually occurs when we are asked to deliver food to Atsuko, once this It has been carried out, it is necessary to take care of making a visit to 3 NPCs, the task we have here is to find out the type of food that they want, in addition, these are usually located in different points which makes it a complex but interesting activity, Because it embarks us on the possibility of knowing Liyue's types of food, here are some possible dishes:

    • For Zhihua: the crisp lotus flower.
    • For Guanhai: the squirrel fish.
    • For Wench Wang: the bamboo shoot soup.

    Next, it is necessary to take care of talking with chef Mao, but he tells us to be busy to make Xiao Lintern which leads us to consider giving him one if we have it in our inventory, with this we manage to complete this task and proceed to receive the rewards that are:

    • 20,000 Blackberry.
    • 100 festive fever for the festival of the rite of the lantern.
    • 30 primogems.

    This is all we need to know about the Wanmin User Power Guide, because in reality it is nothing to write home about, it is only part of the searches to be executed in Genshin Impact.

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