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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-10 17:33:43

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We continue the adventure in Genshin Impact and this allows us to tell you how to unlock pirates argh achievement

What is pirates argh achievementin Genshin Argh Impact?

This is nothing more than a necessary trophy that is at our disposal in this game but it is only necessary to take care of performing some tasks before getting it, although it is true this can become somewhat complex, it should be noted that we are immersed in a daily search.

How to unlock pirates argh achievement in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to take care of getting a total of 3 characters on a ship that is in the middle port, our job is to take care of interacting with them as soon as we manage to get them, these have some favorable tasks for us, which we need to do to complete a search that allows us to choose the achievement that makes us embark on the search for the daily commission called Pirate Invasion and usually occurs specifically in the port of Liyue, in such a way that we are immersed in a search that will not lead to another searches to complete it and these are:

  • The little Lulu.
  • Little Meng.
  • Little Fei.

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On the other hand, there are some players who seem not to have obtained this search in this way, which could be related to a failure in the trophy issue, but the official MiHoyo forums have been blunt and said that this requires completing the search of the daily commission to unlock this trophy, as there are occasions in which it is possible to enter to complete this daily mission several times to achieve the objective.

This is all we can decide on how to unlock
pirates argh achievement, as it is simply a complex activity but it pays off to make the fun in Genshin Impact just not over.

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