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2020-10-20 08:18:59

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Our adventure in Genshin Impact allows us to tell you how to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle

Where to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 Before moving on to our proper objective about how to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle, it is necessary to understand that this task makes us have to move through a mountainous region where we will use our glider for the necessary use, in the same way the Terrain lends itself to climbing, since it is a necessary task to be done in Qingyun while we give ourselves the possibility of touring its mountains that are full of missions in Teyvat.

 Our work to know how to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle leads us in the first instance to have a considerable amount of resistance, on the other hand, it is necessary to activate the teleportation beacon, since our option is to get to the pedestal, already which is precisely here where we are offered the opportunity to interact with the mere purpose of finding a necessary type of track, which allows us to do the work in Genshin Impact to the point of being able to reach the top of Qingyun peak.

 The mountains where it will be necessary to go are:

  •  Mount Hulao.
  • Mount Aozang.
  • Qingyun Peak.

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How to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 Our tour begins at Mount Aozang since it is located to the south of the lake, because once at the top of the mountain it is possible to see a bird statue with which it is necessary to interact, since our work on these sides allows us to choose to turn them In such a way that they are oriented to a single place and it is the Qingyun Peak, then it will be necessary to move to another peak that has a certain similarity and is not usually so high, it is only necessary to turn it around and wait only a few seconds in such a way that allow us to observe a light that appears to proceed to leave this place.

 We continue our trip and this time it is time to go through Mount Hulao with the mere purpose of reaching the top, here it will be vital, on the one hand, to turn on the beacon of our transporter, just momentarily for prevention, then proceed to slide until we get there to the statue to turn the bird in such a way that it can see the light that shines, in such a way that at this moment the three birds are already looking in the necessary direction, and thus return to return to Qingyun Peak to where the pedestal is located, to plan our trip that allows us to cross the second updraft of wind and thus be able to reach the floating island, to finish our work on this puzzle in Genshin Impact.

 These are the rewards that we can get by solving the Three Divine Birds Puzzle puzzle:

  •  3 chests in the sky ready to be looted, (we must be careful when looting them).
  • A Geoculus.

 This is all you need to know about how to solve Three Divine Birds Puzzle and thus opt for some chests in Genshin Impact.

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