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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-04 14:21:16

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Genshin Impact has managed to occupy us for a long time, and therefore it is convenient to explain how to solve the puzzle of the Hu Tao dungeon.

Why solve the Hu Tao dungeon puzzle in Genshin Impact?

It is something necessary to progress in the mission that has the name that follows the path to the border, which puts us a puzzle necessary to solve to go through a door that is in a room and a blue orb in the center, having Note that this situation can become very confusing, we are going to have some tips in this guide to know how to solve the Hu Tao dungeon puzzle, so let's move on to the precise details below.

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How to solve Hu Tao's dungeon puzzle in Genshin Impact?

What we will do first is take the blue orb to go south where the door with the spider web is hanging, we must destroy it to continue jumping into the water as the only available option, then we will swim to a cave until we return to land, now what is there To do is to continue and burn the bush that blocks our way, the next thing is to turn to our left and continue towards some boxes and a door, which is open, but we must force it to enter a room where it is a portal.

Now what we will do is turn to our left again to go down some stairs, which will place us in the starting room, but it is not the same precisely, because there is another blue orb in the center here, we must take it to illuminate to the 2 lanterns that are faltering at the door in order to solve this puzzle that will allow our or access through this door, certainly the mission will not end with this, you have to go through some route points, see scenes and with nothing more than us hinder our progress.

 In general terms, knowing how to solve the Hu Tao dungeon puzzle offers us the possibility of completing a task that allows us to continue progressing in Gneshin Impact.

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