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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-07 03:45:13

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The adventure in Genshin Impact simply does not stop and this allows us to tell you how to get gold medals

What are the gold medals in Genshin Impact?

These are simply a type of rewards that we find in this game and are part of the Unreconciled Stars event so that it is necessary to know how to get gold medals since we have immersed in an interesting journey thanks to the most recent update and that allows us to have characters and elements necessary to get promoted.

How to get gold medals in Genshin Impact?

 It should be noted that these gold medals are simply important, but they do not necessarily have to be collected on time, although it would be the most correct, we must also get medals for each of the seven sliding courses present in this challenging event present in Genshin Impact, which It represents in a certain way a type of reward that is undoubtedly favorable, in this sense, it is important to mention some aspects that can be more clearly and are the following:
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  • Along with the sliding tracks, badges are usually achieved and may in some cases not be necessary to obtain gold medals, however, it is possible to earn them by being punctual in the sliding.
  • To get some relief in this quest about how to get gold medals, it is necessary to get a total of 30,000 points by sliding fast enough.
  • With the meeting of a gold medal or the number of necessary points that reach 30,000, the possibility of obtaining some inferior medals arises, that is to say, silver or bronze.
  • The silver medal corresponds to 20,000 points and the bronze medal to 10,000 points, in such a way that when we get a gold medal we can simply rest easy because it is logical that we will already have the other two with us.
  • This challenge to get gold medals simply offers us a total of 11 days to execute it, of which the first 7 days it is possible to complete a bronze, silver, and gold medal, according to the points, which simply means that the day Challenge 7 corresponds to December 10, 2020.
  • It should be noted that this Gliding challenge is usually only administered by an NPC by the name of Hughes.
  • There is the possibility of achieving some phenomenal tours in Genshin Impact which allows us to opt for some shortcuts and these, in turn, allow us to power the half glide since we are not necessarily conditioned to follow the tracks of a race.
  • This is not the only challenge that we are allowed to carry out in this game and this is because on other occasions we have achieved challenges, in such a way that we can already say that we are familiar with.


Once this challenge has been completed we will not only have the gold medals but also other rewards such as:

  •  First flight prize that has a total of 60 primogems.
  • Second prize for a flight with a total of 420 primogems.
  • The third prize and last stages do not have primo gems, as there is the opportunity to win the bronze of the circuit and ascension materials.

 In this sense, knowing how to get gold medals allows us to have the opportunity to move in a somewhat short but interesting challenge in Genshin Impact, try it.

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