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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-08 12:40:51

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Our work in Genshin Impact does not stop, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to obtain the royal greatsword, let's see.

What is the royal greatsword in Genshin Impact?

As we progress in this game, we are offered the opportunity to get some interesting amount of elements and resources that in some ways tend to be favorable, so that knowing how to obtain the royal greatsword makes us understand that it is simply a weapon with the that there is the possibility of achieving a special effect where a maximum of 5 stacks are usually achieved, reaching critical damage to 8 percent each time we manage to attack an opponent, being precisely one of the most relevant statistics of that weapon.

How to get the royal greatsword in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to understand that the increase in the critical rate usually occurs when we manage to damage our enemy, where any skill or talent can be a guarantor of critical damage, which perfectly opens the possibility of reaching attacks that can be more powerful. And that they can allow us to get a critical rating, which is even more favorable because with each promotion it is possible to increase the attack percentage by 6 percent.
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In this sense, the great sword serves as a type of favorable tool to increase the artifacts of a late game, because it allows us to focus specifically on the possibility of dealing with obtaining statistics related to critical damage, in this way it is worth noting that there is the possibility of counting 80 percent as a result of critical damage reaching an ascension level of 5 with the amount of 5 critical damage stacks, so for now there is only one way to get this great sword, and that is by performing a shine exchange stellar in the Paimon bargains, it is also important to understand that there are only two characters that have the possibility of accessing this sword, and they are Beidou and Noelle, in addition there are other weapons that we can get for 4-star sparks without a master, and they are the following:

  •  The royal bow.
  • The royal spear.
  • The royal long sword.
  • The royal grimoire.

In general terms, knowing how to obtain the royal greatsword allows us to make an excellent weapon in Genshin Impact, what are you waiting to get it!

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