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Find out how to fix ping in this excellent and explanatory guide to Genshin Impact.

What to know about ping in Genshin Impact?

It is the time that elapses for a message to go from the origin to a destination, it turns out to be the time it takes to send a command for the game and for it to execute it, it is something of the utmost importance because being very high the greater it will turn out to be the delay in the response of the game, most of the factors that exist in a game depend on it, if there is a lag it can be due to this and it is somewhat cumbersome affecting performance, causing freezing and even crashes, now it is ideal that if We are going through these failures, let's understand how to fix the ping and it is something that will be explained in detail in this guide, let's see the following content.
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    Causes of pinging on Genshin Impact?

    There are many reasons for the ping to be high, among which are the quality of our internet connection, which is related to the upload and download speed, if we are using a wired or wireless connection, considering that the latter turn out to be slower and less reliable, there may be other devices that consume the bandwidth, the more they have connected to the same network the worse the latency may be, the firewalls when checking the data can cause a delay and finally the distance with the server, if We are far away the data will take longer to arrive, now all this requires that we know how to fix the ping and for the answers we continue with the reading of the content.

    How to fix ping on Genshin Impact?

    Keep in mind that there are some solutions that can help us solve How to fix the ping, something that is preventing us from having stability in Genshin Impact and these are the following.


    •  Perform a restart of the game, something that can solve this problem and that its operation becomes optimal.
    • The latest update of the game is important because it can eliminate the error.
    • Our internet connection must be correct, so we can do speed tests on the appropriate websites, we can even restart our router.
    • It is important when using a wireless connection that we see the difference with the use of the cable.
    • If we are using VPN it is necessary that we turn it off, because it can transfer the traffic to a server in a different location, which causes the ping error, when turning it off, the data will be able to enter directly.
    • Closing programs or applications that may be taking up bandwidth is ideal, because it can cause lag and closing them can help.


    We can conclude that knowing how to fix the ping is easier than thought considering these details presented here, it only remains to apply them to return to correct operation in Genshin Impact.

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