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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-15 15:43:07

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Today we are going to tell you How to fix Launch Button Greyed Out, as it is an option that we require in Genshin Impact.

What does the Button Greyed Out issue on Genshin Impact mean?

  This is nothing more than an error, because there is no game that cannot have some type of failure, only that some may be more frequent than others, however this error specifically traps us in some phalluses that seem to be related to the connections of regional servers, as it is necessary to make it clear that the game has managed to win more users than they had planned thanks to being free and this can lead to some errors.
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How to fix Launch Button Greyed Out in Genshin Impact?

 Unfortunately for us, there is no quick fix, since it seems to be a problem linked to players, which makes us have to locate some kind of updates, which can be done when we usually log in, the detail that it is simply missing something that will not allow us to play and this rather unpleasant phallus appears, which could lead us to have to uninstall the game and reinstall it once again, a task that can be quite abrupt but could solve this problem.


  •  For players on PC it is possible to locate the Update Program to force launch this game manually.
  • In the case of mobiles or PS4, check that there may be updates, these can be seen just by clicking on the game icon.


 For PC players, it is necessary to start our game from the .exe file in the game folder, since this can avoid shortcuts and make this nasty bug not hinder our progress.

 Now that you know how to fix Launch Button Greyed Out, it's time to try our solution to continue your journey through this interesting adventure called Genshin Impact.

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