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The activities seem to be more and more latent in Genshin Impact and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to complete Where the Light Wanes, let's see.

Why fill in Where the Light Wanes in Genshin Impact?

This game offers us the opportunity to embark on interesting activities that allow us to have a pleasant time, however completing Where the Light Wanes involves us before the possibility of working on the tales of the rite of lanterns, which makes it necessary to achieve and pick up some lanterns from Xiao, because at the end of it all we are facing a festive atmosphere that will allow us to access some rewards and overlooking it is simply not an option.
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    How to complete Where the Light Wanes in Genshin Impact?

    This is an interesting task that makes us take care of observing how the waypoints are usually marked as soon as we manage to pick them up, since this makes us choose to get and take the first lantern, only that it is trapped in a large root at which will be necessary to jump to take it, because it is located near Mount Tianheng, as soon as we get the lantern it is vital to discover the cave, because there we get some things such as:


    •  An oculi.
    • A challenge totem.
    • Many minerals.


     We continue the tour, and it is time to locate the next lantern for this it is necessary to be careful because we must fight against some Hilichurls, and this usually occurs near the "Domain of the Path Ahead".

    Our work is not finished yet because we must get a third lantern, because this makes us have to eliminate other Hilichurls that are surrounding a man, this is in the Jueyun Karst and it is necessary to talk with him to receive information from the lantern.

    Now, with the lanterns in our possession, it is necessary to return to the Port of Liyue and deliver the mission where we get:


    •  100 festive fever.
    • 30 primogems.


    This is all you need to do to know how to Where the Light Wanes, so it's only time for you to try it and tell us how you are doing in this task in Genshin Impact.

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