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Genshin Impact has more tasks for us and this allows us to tell you how to complete healing trial.

What is the healing trial in Genshin Impact?

This is simply another event that is presented to us in Genshin Impact and that comes to make us work a little, so knowing how to complete the healing test leads us to perform the number of 2 challenges, which must be done in a given period of time, this means it should be done in less than 6 minutes.

Below we describe the challenges you need to take to learn how to complete the test of cure:

  • Heal to a total of 50,000 HP over the course of the test.
  • Use elemental blasts to defeat the amount of 10 opponents during the test.

How to complete healing trial in Genshin Impact?

As you will see, the main aspect that we find is the disorder of the "Ley Line" of the level and that is where it is usually necessary to carry out these challenges, especially since our character will have 90 percent health and has the ability to inflict damage by increasing it by 50 percent, in addition to having the ability to generate at least 3 energies for the group, for which it is very favorable to have Keqing, Noelle, Barbara and Mona, Here Barbara is the only healer, and it is good True, it may not be the best, it usually plays a fundamental role, however it allows us to easily unlock this challenge, thus allowing us to heal 50,000 HP thanks to its elemental burst.
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    As the event unfolds, it is possible that the members of the group can be healed, this because there are occasions in which they receive attacks, thus allowing a reduction of the cooldown and thus carry out the second activity, so that this opens the way for us to defeat 10 enemies with elemental bursts and this can be done faster than we thought, however, in case of using Barbara in our group, it is possible to recover health thanks to the health drops that are usually generated in the dungeon, or simply by completing the rejuvenation mechanism, it is also possible to have the Hydro abilities that Mona has, this because they are usually favorable for the Pryo traps with which we come across in the dungeon in Genshin Impact.

    The traps in this dungeon are usually placed routinely, they are located in the challenge rooms that we normally need to complete, it is possible to deactivate the traps that are usually Pyro totems, and it will only be enough to carry out an auto attack either by Mona or Barbara. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the trap is an electric totem and that is where Noelle enters, thanks to her shield she allows us to stay protected, in such a way that keeping this group together offers us the opportunity to develop more comfortably during this short period of time and execute the two necessary tasks.

    Now that you know how to complete healing trial, it is time to embark on this event and thus continue playing Genshin Impact.

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