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With the new update of Genshin Impact there are many questions, and that is why today we will tell you how to change the teapot music.

What is teapot music in Genshin Impact?

It corresponds to the music you listen to every time you enter the kettle in the game, but in case you are bored with this music you are in luck. Now with the new update you will be able to change the inner and outer music of the kingdoms within your kettle, which you have had access to since patch 1.5. But if you do not know how to do it, keep reading because we will tell you how to change the teapot music.

How to change teapot music in Genshin Impact? - Rotating crystals

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    The first thing you should understand if you wonder how to change the music of the kettle in Genshin Impact, is that in order to do this you will have to get rotating crystals, which you can find in the Traveling Salesman Chubby, in the Serenitea pot from Friday to Sunday. To obtain them you will have to sell products such as furniture or pets.

    These crystals can also be purchased from the shop for 100 Kingdom Coins each.

    Note that each crystal contains only one clue, and the clues they contain are determined by the numbers after the crystal name.

    How to change the teapot music in Genshin Impact?

    When you have the crystals you will have to go with Tubby to buy the furniture with which you will unlock the music change function. The furniture can be found in the Realm Depot in Riches of the Realm and they are:

    • Euphonium Unbound: Soaring, for outdoor music
    • Euphonium Unbound: Winding, for indoor music played inside the mansion you have established.

    Each is priced at 300 Kingdom Coins.

    When you have the furniture you will have to place it in the kettle and when you approach the furniture you will see a notice to change the music. You just have to click on it to access the player from the music menu. If you access this menu with Radiant Spincrystals, you will find unlockable tracks that correspond to the Radiant Crystals and by unlocking them you can switch to the new music.

     That's all you need to know about how to change the teapot music in Genshin Impact, so we hope we have helped you to change music whenever you want.

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