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In the Gears Tactics universe there are many things to know, one of them is how to skip cutscenes and dialogues, here we will cover everything.

  We find Gears Tactics many dialogues and scenes, this is based on the development of a specific campaign, something that similar titles is usually more than random, Here we are going to meet some characters, following the story we will see remarkable events, but sometimes it is necessary that we know how to skip scenes and dialogues, the details for this are in this guide, let's enter the explanation right now.
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    What can you know about cutscenes scenes and dialogs in Gears Tactics?

     Along the way we will be controlling in the game a squad made up of a soldier with outstanding abilities, which will take us to face the battles that require the best tactics against the enemies, while we advance each mission and the story, we They will present many dialogues and scenes that we may want to skip, so it is ideal that we know that if it can be done and to know it we just have to follow the following content.

     How to skip cutscenes and dialogue in Gears Tactics?

     Just by pressing Esc on a couple of occasions we will be able to skip all the scenes or dialogues that we consider not important in the game, but there are certainly some that are worth witnessing, this is because sometimes they usually give us information of great value to conclude the game or about the situation of a battle, now there are scenes that consist of presenting a new unit or ability of our enemies which we will not be able to jump, due to the information it contains and will lead us to take the most appropriate strategies in battles , in reality the scenes of importance are few but we will not be able to skip them, we will only be left to enjoy these.

     So we can say that we already know how to skip cutscenes and dialogues, which allows us to go ahead in Gears Tactics.

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