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Ambar Jimenez
2023-03-28 04:06:08

The Blizzard deal is the key to making sure that the mobile gaming sector survives. If you break everything down, you will soon see that Microsoft is quietly working on their own Xbox store and this will primarily rely on King games as well as Activision. They are doing this to try and offer support to mobile devices and they are also doing their bit to try and challenge Apple and even Google.

The software giant is hinting at a next-generation store and they are trying to build all of the games that they can. They have revealed details for their next plan and they hope that this is going to be in line with the CMA.

Investigating the Blizzard Acquisition

CMA is currently taking steps to investigate the Activision Blizzard acquisition. They have asked Microsoft to see if they can provide some more context. If you look at the filings, you will soon see that Microsoft is citing their motivation for the purchase as being the chance for them to build their mobile gaming presence.
They want to try and create an Xbox mobile platform and they want to work on their store too. They have said that the transaction is going to help Microsoft’s ability to create a next-generation store and that this is going to work across a huge number of devices.

The Rise of Mobile and Casino Gaming

If you look at the history of gaming, you will soon see that there are several online casinos accepting Skrill. This is great, to say the least as it has encouraged people to flood to mobile gaming over console gaming. That being said, Xbox is looking to take things to the next level. They want to take the steam that casinos have generated and they want to try and transfer it to their gaming venture.

An Existing Community of Gamers

If you look at the Blizzard community of gamers, you will soon see that Xbox now wants to scale their store so that it suits mobile users. They aim to bring people to their platform and they also want to try and shift consumers away from the app store. They believe that if they can do this then things will work in their favour overall. They want to offer great content and they also want to capitalise on the fact that gamers are looking for something new.

Call of Duty and Candy Crush

Right now it would seem that the biggest games are Call of Duty and Candy Crush. These have been published by King and Activision accordingly. Microsoft believes that it can leverage these titles in an attempt to build out a store that goes on to rival Microsoft and Google. Apple has a policy that stops any third-party app store from running on the iOS system. As you can imagine this is going to make it very difficult for Xbox to compete but that is not stopping them from giving it a go.

Acknowledging Mobile Gaming

Microsoft have taken steps to try and acknowledge mobile gaming as a push and they are also trying to adopt increasingly popular positions. The Xbox Cloud Gaming system looks to be reaching new heights and it is also a very strong option for emerging handhelds too. Microsoft has been very quick to support the new cloud gaming venture and they are also keen on the Valve Steam Deck.

This was a precursor to their relationship with both Razer and Logitech. They have a very cloud-focused approach and they want to push gaming on various fronts. They want to do this on more than just gaming consoles. They have hopes that they are going to venture beyond tablets and phones too, which shows how ambitious the company is.

A Meaningful Presence

The transaction in general is helping to give the company a very meaningful presence when it comes to mobile gaming. Mobile gaming from the King division includes COD Mobile. This accounts for over half of the company’s revenue. A lot of this comes down to the fact that the game is so popular. Mobile customers now account for three out of four of their active users. Right now Microsoft does not have any preference as to how they adopt mobile gaming but they are heavily investing in marketing, advertising and general game development. They want to try and contribute to their earnings and they also want to become a name in the sector. That being said, they do have some stiff competition.


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