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Passionate gamers take care of their precious card decks and cards themselves. They do not want them to get dirty or damaged. They find gaming not only fun, but it is also beyond enjoyment, an exciting and thrilling experience. Gamers want smooth and unbothered time and having one of the finely made playmats only adds up. This means that picking cards, damaging their curves and angles, and exposing them to some harmful surfaces is simply forbidden. Some cards, and especially card decks are extremely hard to find, and it goes without saying that they are cherished as jewels, therefore putting on the most fluffy and smooth materials. Here are some ways to get your card game playmats custom made.

Making a Statement

You want your playmat to present you as a gamer and your personality as well. Whether you put one of your favorite characters on the top of your playmat or go with some classics like YuGiOh in the entire flood of designs available, the point is to make a statement. By having your playmat customized you will express your unique style. When you choose, invest some time into choosing a pattern, material, personal design, art, and image, you are making your original design which is unlike some others.

Online Ordering

One of the ways to have your custom-made playmat is by online ordering. You can choose among all the different available designs on the particular website or by suggesting your own. Most of these have an option where you can upload your own pattern. You need to make sure that the image or design you are having imprinted to be of the recommended resolution, otherwise, you will get an image that is nothing like the one you wanted to have.


This is the first step of you getting your order prepared. Basically, you need to choose among a wide variety of playmat sizes available and this mainly depends on the game you are playing. For instance, if you are playing with one more player in a game like YuGiOh then you will need something like a two-player-sized playmate. On the other hand, there are some much bigger like wargaming-sized playmats which will do an amazing job for games like Hordes.

Upload Your Own Art

Once you decide on the size you want your playmat, then you should decide on the design. Apart from the ones on the website you can have, there is an option for you to upload your own artwork and have it imprinted. It is crucial to choose art that suits your style the most, and that will speak for you. Custom playmats can have any type of design you want to have whether it is a photo of you, some personal creation, logo, picture of a character, possibilities are endless. However, you must be cautious and take care of the policies that certain websites have. There are certain limitations when it comes to designs and you should put terms and conditions at the forefront of your choices. Additionally, when you reach the website with your choice everything you need to do is to click the “Upload Photo” button. Just as earlier mentioned, the photo you are uploading must meet some of the requirements. The size and resolution of the image mainly depend on the size of the playmat you have chosen.


There are some additions that will boost your playmats. One of them is colored backing for an even more attractive appearance. For some bigger playmats like standard, oversized, and sports playmats you can also add play zones. These play zones can be of different themes and are great tools for teaching new players some games like YuGiOh or to get back in the game yourself. Stitched edging is also one of the things you can add to your playmat and improve the durability of the mat. Stitched edging will protect your mat from ripping and breaking. Editing and preview is another perk you can use. This option will enable you to edit out the pictures and access premium upgrades which allows size and shape changes, color editing, and you can preview before you have it printed. Nothing is printed until confirmed. If you want to have additional protection for your mats then you should buy a playmat tube where your mats can be stored and protected from external influences.

Having a perfect playmat is the necessity of every gamer especially for the passionate ones. This is a way of self-expression and one of the best ways to present your gaming personality.

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