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We hope you are ready for action, because this time we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about killstreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

If you miss him, it will no longer be necessary to do it, because the enchantment will be back in the launch of the 2019 FPS in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

What is killstreaks.

This has been for some time, one of the most used spells to have maximum control during combat, but what excites us is that it will be in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare where with the Heavy Metal benefit any death with killstreaks It will make your progress reach the next reward.

But it is expected that in Infinity Ward some rewards that we have already seen will be added, among them is the Car Package with which you can summon a tank that you can handle on the map, as well as be able to make use of the weapons you have.
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What are the killstreaks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Personal radar

With three deaths, this consists of an escort drone that uses radar to locate enemies

UAV Counter

With four deaths, it consists of an unmanned aircraft, which emits a signal that blocks the enemy mini maps, in addition it is also able to damage its sense little by little as they approach you.


With four deaths also, it is a UAV spy ship that activates the mini map to your allies showing the location of your enemies.

Care package

With four deaths, it gives you a random care package.

Cluster Strike

With four deaths, it consists of a movement that causes a few mortars to fall where indicated.

Cruise missile

With five deaths, it allows you to launch a long-range cruise missile.

Precision Airstrike

With five deaths, he summons two planes to open fire on the best road available.


With seven deaths, it is a remote managed UGV that uses an air blast turret.

Infantry assault vehicle.

With seven deaths, it consists of a light infantry vehicle armed with a powerful machine gun.

Emergency Airdrop

With eight deaths, it gives you three random care packages


With eight deaths, send a bomber to protect the location you indicate.

Chopper Gunner.

With ten deaths, it allows you to control an assault helicopter armed with a turret and air for missiles.

White phosphorus

With ten deaths, place flares of white smoke that stuns enemies and kills those who are very close.

Support helo

With eleven deaths, summons an assault helo armed with a pair of turrets.


With twelve deaths, summons an assault gun with three types of weapon.

Advanced UAV

With twelve deaths, use an orbital UAV to determine the position of the enemies


Finally, with fifteen deaths, he summons in a care package composed of Juggernaut assault team.

This way our killstreaks guide of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ends, we hope you have been useful and can take advantage of it.
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