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2019-07-15 19:10:43

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First get Captain Price who is perhaps the most iconic character in the Call of Duty saga and for the episode Modern Warfare could be a main character, but even so the players want to spend more time with him, to play in the backout of Call of Duty Blacko Ops 4.

How do we get Captain Pirce in Call of Duty Black Ops 4?

In the first instance to free Captain Price the players simply have to pre purchase the Modern Warfare saga, when they get it they are simply going to grant you a more classic aspect of Captain Price to be used in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, just like we have been able to visualize in previous episodes.

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On the other hand players who have requested Modern Warfare only get the income for the time, in turn on other platforms it is most likely that they can acquire it in the near future, as the Activision company has not been so explicit as to give a date Exactly but most likely it can be given in a month or so because it is the period of time that usually occurs the appearance of exclusive material and that it arrives and is available in other versions, in this sense it is necessary to remember that for those who have pre-acquired the game digitally, the delivery of the game is automatic, but instead, players who have ordered the game physically must redeem a code which is purchased from a retailer to which it was purchased, if they requested it before be announced the cost, have the task of communicating with whoever sold them the access code and thus be able to get Captain Price in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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