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Casino games have been used to pass out time since their inception. Besides gambling, many people visit brick-and-mortar casinos to earn some cash and get entertained. However, the COVID-19 lockdown restricted everyone, including punters, from going out. But the online casino solution providers stepped up and created online casinos that rival the physical ones.

Further, they introduced more games, which with their convenience, led to a boom in the online gaming industry. Many punters now prefer online casinos, but not all know the best games to play online. However, In this article, we'll put you on to the most popular casino games available online.


Slots are one of the leading games on both online and physical casinos. They do not require strategies; you only have to find the winning combination while you spin the reels. Interestingly, you can win huge amounts by playing progressive slot jackpots, and you can learn more about these casinos at There are thousands of slot games with various themes, which are compatible with all devices.


Blackjack is one of the top card games with several variants. Blackjack players will be dealt 2 cards, with one facing down. The player with the total number of 21 or closest to 21 wins, but you lose when your total exceeds 21. Also, an Ace with a ten-value card is "Blackjack," and that automatically wins the game unless the dealer also has the same. Blackjack usually has a low house edge, which means you have a good chance of winning.


Roulette is a top-rated online casino table game. It involves a small ball and spinning wheel with various colors and numbers, which range from 0 to 36. To play, you'll select and wager on a number or color, or both and spin the wheel. You win when the ball stops on your selection. Roulette also has many variants, and they are all easy to play.


Poker is another widely played online card game. This game involves players betting with the hope that their card’s value is more than other players' cards. The player with the highest value wins the bet. Unlike other online casino games,  you get to play with a real player, and winning depends mainly on skills, techniques, and instincts.


Another exciting online casino game you can play is Baccarat. This card game has many variants and is similar to blackjack. Two cards are issued to players, and whoever has the closest number to 9 wins. If the total of your two cards exceeds 9 (e.g., 7 and 5), you'll drop one. In this game, you can bet on the banker, the player, or the tie.


Craps is an online casino game that is based on dice rolling. Here, you aim to predict the outcome of the dice to be rolled, and you either bet for or against the shooter. Craps has various terms like "come-out roll" (first dice roll), "pass," or  "not pass." The not-pass win if the outcome of the dice roll is 2, 3, or 12. If you stake a pass, you win if the outcome is 7 or 11.


Bingo is another well-known online game that depends on luck. The game is easy to play, and each player is given a card with multiple columns, typically 5x5. The aim is to mark a pattern with random numbers called by a "caller" as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, these patterns can be diagonal, vertical, horizontal, or any predetermined pattern. The first person to mark off their specified number wins, and the winner calls out "bingo!" upon completion.


Keno is a simple online game that also relies on lady luck. To play online Keno, you'll need to predict 10 or 20 within 1-80 and place your bet. After the draw, you win if your prediction is right. Also, your winning depends on your wager and how many selections appear among the numbers drawn. You can also hit Jackpot with Keno.

Video Poker

Online video poker is another card game similar to conventional poker. Here, you'll need to build a five-card combination with more values than your opponent/dealer's combinations. You'll need to strategize properly to win in this online casino game. However, you can win frequent prizes and jackpots playing this game. It also comes with variants that have distinct rules.

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards games are simple and easy to play, even for a newbie. To play, you'll have to place your wager and scratch three boxes to reveal what is hidden. When you reveal matching symbols or numbers, you win the prize. This online casino game comes in different themes and is suitable for inexperienced or new casino punters.


Online casino lovers can access many casino games on various platforms using either your laptop or mobile devices. Meanwhile, most of these games are well-known globally, and we've recommended the popular ones among gamblers. Interestingly, you can play both demo and real money versions of most of them.


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