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Ubisoft has recently released the demo for one of its new titles called Roller Champions. This demo is for PC is available from June 10 and will remain until next June 14. The Roller Champions demo can only be played from Uplay PC. In this guide of we will present several details about Roller Champions, which includes what should be done to make notes and what is necessary to know about its rules.

Roller Champions

Roller Champions is a game based on the unification of concepts, a real sport like the Roller Derby and a little handball. In this game of Ubisoft, the players are faced in e 2 teams conformed by three players. The main objective of the game is to score points when passing a ball through a ring after having made a turn around a track in the anti-clockwise direction.
An important detail to take into account in Roller Champions, is that the more turns you can get around the track with the ball in your hand before passing it through the ring, will produce a greater number of points.

How to score in Roller Champions

To score in Roller Champions, you must first make a minimum of one lap around the track and then pass the ball through the ring. For this, first of all it is necessary to know that the round begins to mark since the player passes the finish line (it is possible to distinguish because it is an area marked with pictures) carrying the ball in the hand. This return is necessary to do it in an anti-clockwise direction.
Once the player succeeds in making the lap successfully, that is, once he reaches the finish line with the ball in a successful form, the ring will activate indicating that he is ready to score. The latter can be easily known given that it will be returned with the same color as the team to which the player who made the return belongs.

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Preparing to score in Roller Champions

Having made the return and indicating that the ring is already ready to make the annotation, the next thing to do is line up so that the player calculates the trajectory in which the ball is going to be thrown. Pressing the respective button, simply will appear an indicator that will mark the trajectory to follow for the ball when the launch is made, in other words it serves to aim.
Taking into account the above, it is important that you aim directly at the ring that is near the goal to score. You score the point if you pass the ball through the ring.

How to score more than 1 point with a single score in Roller Champions

As already mentioned at the beginning, in order to score it is necessary for the player or team to make a turn around the track in a counter-clockwise direction with the ball in hand, starting from the finish line. The team that manages to pass the ball by ring, after having made the return, will be awarded a point.
On the other hand, in Roller Champions a team can also obtain more than one point with a single score. This is achieved when a team manages to make more than one round around the track without losing the ball, and then specify the score by passing the ball through the ring.
Below is a small list of the points that can be marked according to the rounds that a team manages to achieve:
- 1 point: when the team makes 1 lap around the track before scoring.
- 3 points: when the team makes 2 laps around the track before scoring.
- 5 points: when the team makes 3 laps around the track before scoring.

Match time in Roller Champions: How to end the match

Roller Champions matches are based on a certain time range. Also, each match takes place in an interval equivalent to 10 minutes.
On the other hand, Roller Champions matches can also end well before reaching 10 minutes. This is because if a team manages to score 5 points, then the game ends with that team as the winner.
Although the time limit for the game is 10 minutes, the extra time starts running from minute 7. When you start running the extra time, the timer will turn red and from this moment the rule is established that The next point is going to say the game.

This is all the information we have so far in regarding Roller Champions based on the recent gamplay of the demo released by Ubisoft. Remember that if you have Uplay PC, you can access the Roller Champions demo, since it will appear free on your list of games. You have until June 14 to try this demo so do not waste time.
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