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Caption: Many gamers are drawn to classic games online, both as players and as spectators

Day after day, hundreds of thousands of people log on to the Twitch app to watch everything from their favorite battle royale players, to people who lounge around in paddling pools all day.

In among this broad range of content creators are players of classic games, who have helped such titles to rise from the ashes on streaming sites. Some of these include chess, slots and card games. Here we take a look at some of the classic games that have growing streaming communities online.

Casino Classics

Some classic games originated in ancient Chinese taverns, sand blasted Arabian souks, or in the saloons of the American wild west, but many have also been fine tuned in gaming-specific venues such as casinos.

One of these classics happens to be the good old slot machine. Things have changed significantly since the days of simple 3-line slots, with video slots throwing up a whole range of different playing options.

This has meant that people have raced online to places like Twitch to learn from expert players and aficionados. Combining what they learn from their favorite slot streamers like ClassyBeef and ROSHTEIN, aspiring players can also peruse provider reviews and free spin deal compilations that are put together on comparison websites like Oddschecker.

Other casino games which also get quite a lot of airtime on Twitch include table games roulette and blackjack.

Caption: Chess is just one of the classic board games undergoing a renaissance online

Board Game Classics

If complex strategies, rather than high stakes are a player’s cup of tea, then there are plenty of top-level board game streams kicking off around the clock on Twitch.
For chess, viewers cannot go too far wrong with grand-master-turned-streaming-legend Hikaru Nakamura. Meanwhile, for lovers of Monopoly, there are streams available of the most up-to-date 3D version of the classic board game.

Card Game Classics

Finally, we get to card games, which are led by none other than Texas Hold’Em poker. This classic game has one of the longest running Twitch communities, and continues to grow as it spreads its wings in the US and around the world. Online poker is very popular, and so are the streamers that play the big tournaments.

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