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We invite you to discover where to find Lara Croft, a new task at Fortnite.

What to know about Lara Croft in Fortnite?

In recent months we have seen a focus on bringing iconic characters from other external franchises to this game, this time we have Lara Croft, who is first visualized as a skins through the season 6 battle pass, bringing I get a complete set of the classic games, now to have an idea of where to find Lara Croft you have to take into account this guide and the following content.
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Where to find Lara Croft in Fortnite?

In a specific part on the map we will find it, taking into account that it is a new skin and it is not a playable character, certainly through this NPC we will have access to some missions to complete in Fortnite, which It will allow us to win gold bars, now looking to solve where to find Lara Croft we are going to focus on the northwest of the map, in the stealth fortress, here we will be in a suitable environment with Lara, although there are no jumping options for this place, but there is a special treasure such as the grappler bow, which is an exotic weapon capable of causing a significant damage of 89 per headshot, the grip ability is a major improvement compared to previous seasons , it is possible to hold on to anything, even opponents.

With the help of the grip we can avoid damage from falls, this is a great feature added to climbing heights or in a combat shortening distances, it is something that can benefit us a lot in Fortnite, so much so that it can lead to its elimination as a step with a of exotic weapons, certainly at some point we will be able to play with Lara, possibly in the special mode for a limited time, which was scheduled to start on April 16, but now it will be between April 23 to 25, for a bug that existed for that option.

We will find a duo game like Aloy or Lara Croft, where when using Aloy it would only be possible to use bow weapons, while with Lara the limitation will be the same with dual pistols, in this aspect the function of the craft will be interesting when it comes to improving the weapons, which becomes something important despite the existing limitations, certainly solving where to find Lara Croft is something simple, only that staying alive can be a constant struggle, due to the number of players who want the same to get the Grappler Bow, but it is fitting that we use the unlimited healing glictch to get rid of this situation.

 It is clear that knowing where to find Lara Croft will allow us to have more fun and progress in Fortnite.

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