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Angel Marquez
2020-09-18 15:26:05

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We return with a Fortnite guide to guide you as to where to find all the XP Coins from Week 4 of Season 4.

What to know about XP coins in Fortnite?

  The XP coins are of great importance in the game, with these it is possible to unlock the Marvel cosmetics that we have at our disposal in the current battle pass, we have that it is possible to find at least a total of 10 coins in this week 4, It certainly brings its difficulty to get them, it is important to note that it is also possible to get the coins that were added in the previous weeks, we talked about 28 coins until we got here, now we will talk about the present and this guide will help us understand where to find all the XP coins From week 4 of season 4, let's move on to the next content.
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Where to find all the XP coins from week 4 of season 4 in Fortnite?


XP Coins Purples

  •  The first is found northwest of Sweaty Sands on a hill
  • The second south of Slurpy Swamp on the small island


XP Coins Green

  •  The third coin is in a tower that is located on the west side of the coral castle on the top floor.
  • For the fourth we have to look at the cliff near the coast that is southwest of Misty Meadows
  • The fifth will take us east of Catty Corner on top of a mountain
  • The sixth is located on the island that is northeast of Steamy Stacks on the back of some large rocks.


XP Coins Blue

  •  In the case of the seventh coin is on the ground floor of Lockie's lighthouse, it is necessary to break the wooden shelf that has some potted plants
  • The eighth takes us to the ground floor of the Canoa Lake building, we have to break the canoes
  • For the ninth we are going to go near the top of the authority, where we will find a room with a spider web very close to here, we are going to break a metal shelf


XP Coins Gold

  •  We will find the tenth and last coin in the Stark Industries building on the top floor.
 In this way we finalize our Fortnite guide, now you know where to find all the XP coins from week 4 of season 4, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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