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If you want to know where to emote as Groot in Fortnite pay attention to the ones we have in this guide for you.

What are the challenges of the awakening of Groot in Fortnite.

Before telling you where to emote as Groot, you have to know that this is a line of challenges that you will have to complete when you reach level 46 in the battle pass of season 4 of chapter 2. There are several challenges, but one of them asks you That you get excited like Groot in a monument to friendship for which you will have to go to a unique place in the Monument to Friendship and we will tell you how to find it.
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Where to emote as Groot in Fortnite.

The monument to friendship is located northwest of Sweaty Sands, where you will have to walk to find two large figures, one made of hay and the other made of pipes, high-fives, this is where you can complete the final Groot Awakening Challenge .

After you have found the document, you will have to equip the appearance of Groot and perform a gesture, whatever you want, this will allow you to obtain an indication that the emote has been completed as Groot in a challenge of the monument of friendship and also, it will allow you Get the built-in Battle Brother emoticon with which you can summon Rocket Raccoon as a pet.

After completing all the Groot's Awakening challenges, you can focus on the next Marvel skin that you can unlock through the Battle Pass of Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, which is inspired by Storm and that you can obtain by completing the challenges corresponding which are focused on the seeing and the weather.

There are also other masks that have their own challenges and that you can obtain, including the Mystique, Iron Man mask, among others.

 That's all you need to know if you were wondering where to emote as Groot in Fortnite, we hope that our article could have been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to get this skin now that you have everything you need to get it.

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