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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-04 13:35:03

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The challenges continue to occur in Fortnite and for this reason it is necessary to tell you how to unlock The Foundation Skin.

Why unlock The Foundation Skin in Fortnite?

Because it is another of the outfits that we have in this game and that is part of the novelties that chapter 3 has, so knowing how to unlock The Foundation Skin takes us into the execution of some interesting challenges, allows us to discover that Dwayne Johnson The Rock was in charge of playing the man who is usually behind the mask and now we have a challenge in this game where he usually makes an appearance.

How to unlock The Foundation Skin in Fortnite?

It is necessary to take into account that this is a fairly fast task, we just have to have
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 We will see that knowing How to unlock The Foundation Skin leads us to get the basic version of The Foundation where we can see an NPC, some cosmetic trailers, more styles, however, getting all the Foundation cosmetics makes it necessary to take care of completing some challenges Of interest, these are usually divided into two parts, here we must take care of completing the first six in order to complete the other five that continue in Fortnite, below we indicate the challenges, in addition to the amount of rewards that you can get for them.


  •  It becomes necessary to visit the Mighty Monument, an Outpost 7 and the shrine three times to get the Foundation Skin.
  • Search covert cannon chests or ammo boxes 3 times to get the Foundation Emoticon.
  • Use Shield Potions in a single match 4 times to get True Foundation Spray.
  • Doing melee damage to opponents reaching a total of 100 allows us to get the Foundation's Plasma Spike Collection Tool.
  • Shooting an opponent using a sniper rifle while they are crouched must be done once in Fortnite to get the Foundation Mantle Bling back.
  • Hiring a character and choosing to travel the amount of 1,000 meters with it allows you to get the Mantle of the Foundation.
  • Choosing to help take out Gunnar allows you to get the Active Visor Change Emote.
  • Dealing headshot damage to 500 players with common or uncommon weapons earns the Foundation Skin.
  • Dealing damage to 10,000 opponents from above using SMGs or Shotguns allows you to get the Foundation Blueprint.
  • Landing at an Outpost of the Seven and finishing in the top 10 at least twice gets you the Glider Rocket Wing.
  • Completing all basic missions four times allows you to get the Rocket Wing Glider.


 It is necessary to take into account that all these missions mentioned are part of our task to know How to unlock The Foundation Skin and that they can be completed naturally, some may be a bit more complex than others but it is necessary to carry them out, in addition It allows us to count some characters in Fortnite to develop with a little more comfort, such is the case of:


  •  Agent Jones.
  • Galactic.
  • Lieutenant John Calls,
  • Jonesy the first.
  • Brainiac.
  • The visitor.


 It is necessary to take into account that:


  •  It becomes necessary to find and eliminate Gunnar in order to get the key to the vault.
  • It is essential to position ourselves above to take ground and therefore do damage having the advantage.


 In this sense, knowing how to unlock The Foundation Skin allows us to complete some necessary missions that only Fortnite has for us.

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