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Fortnite has more challenges for us and this allows us to tell you where to find All Joneses and to Talk to the Jones.

What is the point of finding All Joneses and to Talk to the Jones in Fortnite?

  As this game progresses, it offers us more pro-execution activities, and it is precisely this that tends to hook players, since there are challenges that allow us to have fun and choose to set goals of improvement, in this sense, the object of embarking on talking with the players. Jones lets us take care of working on some missions "The Spire"

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    Where to find All Joneses and to Talk to the Jones in Fortnite?

    It is necessary in the first instance to understand that there is a total of 5 Jones, to perform this search it is necessary:


    •  Locate us in Sweaty Sands in order to locate one of the Joneses on the beach on the west side, he is standing.
    • Locate us in Sweety Sands to locate the second of the Joneses, only that unlike the previous one, this one is usually located northeast of the island.
    • Locate us in The Spire to find one of the Jones disguised as a dinosaur, usually located near some buildings and debris, we can see him walking southeast of the place.
    • Finding ourselves in Lazy Lake there is another of the Joneses and we can identify him because he wears a white jumpsuit with a black and white checkered scarf, it is located in the southeast corner, specifically in the spa.
    • Locate us in Slurpy Swamp because there we will see another of the slurpy colored Jones with a black suit, to find him it is necessary to go to the building on the northeast side.


     Once we get the Joneses it is necessary to talk to them and for this it is necessary to Press X / Square / Y / E. Then we must select the option The Spire.

     This is all you need to know about Where to find All Joneses and to Talk to the Jones, as it is a simple task that we must do in Fortnite.

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