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Today we are going to tell you about Where to Destroy Boats at Craggy Cliffs, an interesting task that we can carry out in Fortnite.

What does this second week of Fortnite season 4 bring for us?

  As we progress and the weeks go by, new challenges come to us that test our endurance, enthusiasm and above all our time, we are in the middle of some interesting missions among which is the steep cliffs, a place full of sentinels where it is necessary carry out a destruction task, this challenge is possible and should be carried out in several rounds, it is a task that takes some time because the total number of ships we need to destroy is 7.
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    Where to Destroy Boats at Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite?

     To carry out this challenge it is necessary to go to the coast of the beach northeast of Craggy Cliffs where 4 boats are parked ready for us to destroy them, three are located in a pile and the other near the shed, the problem is that This is a quite popular place which makes it difficult to achieve our objectives, as this is because the place is duly guarded by sentries who are alert to every movement.

     Our task of knowing Where to Destroy Boats at Craggy Cliffs is not over yet since we still have three to go, and by the way it is the most complex because we will have to go to the center of Craggy Cliffs, a more dangerous space, because it is possible that Try to ambush us between the buildings, there it is necessary to get to Cap`n Carp's store, because it has two blue canoes hanging on a western wall, which it is necessary to destroy only that we will have to be highly careful with the looters who are by these sides.

     The two remaining canoes are located on the north wall stacked, as this reaches 8 ships, what we do need is to get to that place with some speed, because there is the possibility that other players can reach the place and win us, When we have destroyed these canoes we have one last one as a coup de grace, it is a boat that is leaning on a rock near the tide line, so it is necessary to jump there and take the necessary weapon to destroy it, thus managing to complete this challenge of week 2.

     Now that you know Where to Destroy Boats at Craggy Cliffs, it is time to embark on this journey, since it is necessary to be attentive to every movement that other players may be making in Fortnite.

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