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Fortnite Mobile presents us with a series of interesting challenges, let's see today how to use voice chat

Why use voice chat at Fortnite Mobile?

Unfortunately this game does not bring voice chat on the included mobiles, and this really gets quite confusing, since it is vital to coordinate details with our team, since working as a team and not honestly having it is not pleasant.

Knowing how to use voice chat is simply vital, as it is part of the communication and specifically in Fortnite Mobile this has great weight, while we keep playing not having the possibility of using it makes us communicate complicated and probably instead of giving directions you end up causing inconvenience.

This game has been included in iOS devices and this makes it much more enjoyable, there are more options to play it, but, the need arises to configure this chat to keep us in constant communication with our friends or our team during a battle, since the Mobile version of Battle Royale can be fully enjoyed taking into account the use of said chat, which is why it is necessary to know how to use voice chat

Normally when there are no official answers, players tend to look for possible solutions to end the problems and in Fortnite that has been sought, you would think that it is a bit crazy but it is necessary to use an account on Xbox, it can work and get us out of this crossroads since officially there is no answer to any such problem.

How to use voice chat in Fortnite Mobile?

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    We are talking about the mobile version in the first instance, and as we said in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to use an Xbox account, so it is important to download the Xbox application from the App Store and get the account, this really is done for free to get play on iPhone or iPad so it is necessary to register us at Microsoft.

    Knowing how to use voice chat allows us to use a party in Fortnite Mobile, for this it is necessary to touch the icon that is in the top bar of our device, where we can see three marked people, then we go to the party where we will start One, the idea here is to select the friends that you want to incorporate into our application and incorporate them, from there it is possible to chat with our friends and play simultaneously.

    The Xbox app really is advantageous, since it can be used for PCs with Windows 10 operating system and for Xbox One, as a chat alternative, available to be used for Battle Royale for mobile and FortCraft, as well as the availability of PUGB Mobile, allowing our friends to listen, but if we really want to enjoy the most it is ideal to use the headphones, we not only listen to them well but the sound effects of the game.

    This is all we can contribute about how to use voice chat while enjoying Fortnite Mobile, as this game has managed to sink in so well that it spread to other platforms to keep the fun going.

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