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Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to stagger enemies

2020-03-10 10:52:32

Today we bring to you a guide of Final Fantasy VII Remake where we will explain how to stagger enemies.

 We have the use of the battle system of the original Final Fantasy VII Remake and the real-time one, with this it is possible to have a mixture of both systems, allowing us a better balance between those who know the traditional gameplay and an improvement towards the modern, in this guide we seek Understand how to stagger enemies, let's see that we are about it in the content.


What should we know about the status effects in Final Fantasy VII Remake?


 Originally the initial version of the game brought with it the status effects, capable of creating in the characters some conditions, giving benefits in some cases benefits, one of the states for example was that of sadness, with this our character had the affectation that led him to take much longer for the measured Break Limit to be filled, bringing an extra benefit that was the reduction of the damage caused by the magical or physical attacks of 30 percent, another of the effects was the confusion, which turned the character aimlessly and randomly made an attack until it received some kind of damage to lose the effect that afflicted it, we have the poison, this was responsible for causing damage before the end of the battle, eliminating or wearing away an object.

How to stagger enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake?


 We have to once again have the effects in the game, highlighting that of staggering enemies, which is that some enemy for a certain period of time is incapacitated, opening the doors to extra damage, which gives the utility of taking us to get the advantage, to achieve this we must complete the pressure bar of the indicator of the health of our enemy, while we are generating more pressure with our attacks, this bar will increase, with the hits of greater impact we generate more pressure, the spells will also be a good option to cause much more pressure.


 When we get the bar to fill up, our enemy is going to stagger, thus falling to the ground, stopping his attack and will be open to receiving ours causing much damage at this time, for this great opportunity for attack, we may use the default Operator posture, which allows our attacks to go slowly certainly but our level of hit will be much higher, inflicting extra damage, in the case of the abilities that another character has we have the Barret overload for example, spells allow us to achieve great synergy, leading to take down our enemy while it is staggered.

 Finally, now we know how to stagger enemies, we can move on in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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