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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-01 17:59:04

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Guide to learn how to defeat Malboro in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

 For fans of the incredible series of Final Fantasy games, the name "Crystal Chronicles" may sound familiar to you, as this edition of the game was released years ago for the Nintendo Game Cube, but recently the video game franchise decided to release a remastering of this adapted for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles features images in HD quality, as well as an optimized online multiplayer system. As you would expect from a remastering, most of the things from the original game are still intact this includes one of the most important bosses in the game called Malboro, so in this guide we will focus on How to defeat Malboro, you know , to refresh the memory for those who do not remember well.

How to defeat Malboro in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Like most bosses in this game, defeating Malboro is simpler than it sounds. so the first step you must do to start your fight well is to have a healing spell at hand in the command menu, if you don't have them at least have some quick-use healing items for the occasion.
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When the fight starts, there will be two additions in front of Malboro's projectiles that will spit at you. The first thing you need to do is eliminate them as quickly as possible as they will only be an obstacle as the fight progresses.

keep an eye on the ground for bright spots. If it shines, move away as quickly as possible, since that's where Malboro will summon his tentacles to damage you.

You will have to constantly move and dodge objects, as you will have to keep an eye out for projectiles and tentacles as you remove the attachments. Once you defeat the aggregates, the fight becomes much easier.

Malboro will continue to telegraph his tentacle attacks, occasionally engaging his left and right sides to prepare for his signature Bad Breath attack. Whenever the Malboro turns left or right, run to the opposite side and take the opportunity to launch attacks as much as you can.

More additions will spawn as the boss's health decreases, so be sure to remove them before you focus on the boss again - the rest is a breeze.

 Now that you know how to defeat Malboro in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles you can avoid his intense attacks and ensure a victory in the game with this guide. Luck!

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