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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-28 16:37:37

More about: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Knowing how to play with friends is one of the best options in the game, so we tell you how to do it in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

What does Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles bring us?

  This is simply a remastered edition of the game that originally came out for Nintendo Game Cube but that today will be willing to make us relive those interesting games, which made us spend a certain amount of time, and for those who did not have the happiness they are simply presents the opportunity to explore a game under an environment full of adventure, action and especially where it is possible to consider the possibility of knowing how to play with friends since it lends itself, since the idea is to fight to survive to protect the towns with glass precisely recharged with myrrh.
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How to play with friends in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

The first thing we need to consider is that the multiplayer mode is only possible to win as we progress, because here we have the possibility of being able to play 8 caravans for our town, however everything is directly linked to the host, as this includes the experience, the dungeon, the fact of receiving or sending mail, from there it is possible to work as a team, the rest of the activities in the beginning are usually done alone.

To know how to play with friends it is necessary to understand that we must consider some fairly simple characteristics, since it is necessary to make use of the main player menu, in addition to taking a look at saving or loading game data, some characters that can be exchanged, in short the The point is to access the menu that leads us to the option Exit Together that will precisely take us to the multiplayer menu, where we have 3 important options and they are the following:

  • Host.
  • Join.
  • Quickmatch.

 Playing as a host in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles allows us to have access to the dungeon lobby, because here are two specific points where we meet, as it may be in La Muralla de Duendecillos or simply in the Tipa Peninsula, which if it is necessary to consider When it comes to knowing how to play with friends, it is possible to clear the final boss, and setting filters for Only friends allows us to even have access to play with real friends, as this can only be done if we have managed to add some to our list.

To play with friends when Joining, it is simply necessary to be in precisely the same area as the host, this is if it is not on our friends list, because simply being invited does not actually present any type of progress in the story so it does not It is very convincing because it is only possible to execute it having a race already exists because this game mode is not going to present any favorable path in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

For your part, knowing how to play with friends starting from Quickmatch allows us to place ourselves in an open group in the dungeons that we may have selected, here we have two options, one can be as a host that we can perfectly choose or simply select Quickmatch as a method, because only It is necessary to regroup after each dungeon regardless of whether or not we are hosts in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles since in the end the important thing is to share and fight to progress, it is a necessary task because when entering each dungeon it is better to work as a team, Well, with friends it is possible to complete the task without major inconveniences.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to play with friends simply gives us the ability to defend ourselves more calmly in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, so you better prepare yourself to have a formidable list of friends.

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