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Angel Marquez
2020-08-28 16:41:47

More about: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Today we bring you a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide where we will explain how to obtain memory stones.

What to know about the memory stones in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

It is the main core of the game's mimicry system, which consists of the imitation of the different aspects that the NPCs possess and that we are going to find, with about 28 to be unlocked for our use, so the memory stones They are necessary for this, with this system we will not be able to imitate an NPC that does not belong to the same tribe as our character, where it is not found in the dungeons outside either, now to understand How to obtain memory stones, we are going to rely on the content next to be presented in this guide, let's see how it helps us in this regard.
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How to get memory stones in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

 We have some possibilities that will lead us to obtain the memory stones, among them we have finding the Moogle houses that are scattered or randomly through the hard dungeons, in each city there must always be a Moogle house, port and dungeon, in the environments this can be hidden by holes and doors, the point is that we only enter we speak with the moogle and this will grant us a seal, in this way by having a set of seals we will obtain a memory stone, when we get each stone we have access to a set of imitation fur, through the DLC it is possible to get other skins when buying it, only that there are many in the game that are free, for its application we have an option is the moogle vest on the home page or when choosing the character that we want the imitation to be applied, this we will be able to do in the main menu tab, what we will do is an alteration of the character that we handle through moogle, while so we can also alter our caravans.

 Finally, now that we know how to get memory stones, we can move on to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

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